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Welcome to the blog of Rancho Shiraz Organic Farm. Here you will find interesting and relevant articles, or pictures and news from the farm. Scroll down to get started reading!

Physical and Spiritual Cleansers: Sage Hydrosols

Ginger Bahardar

For a taste of chaparral in a bottle, we present these earthy hydrosols and essential oils. We have White Sage, Black Sage, and Artemisia californica (commonly known as California Sagebrush) all as separate products, and also together in our Coast Sage Blend. White and Black Sage have been used for centuries by Native Americans as a medicine and as a spiritual or physical cleanser. Traditionally, “smudge sticks” (sage leaves bound together to form a thick branch) are burned to purify a room, environment, or person of bad energy and other harmful influences. These Sage Hydrosols are a wonderful alternative for those that cannot tolerate smoke, or simply want a convenient and portable spray. Artemisia californica is a well known staple of the chaparral habitat. If you've ever walked through the native sagebrush of Southern California, then you've smelled it! Our Coast Sage Blend Hydrosol is great if you want to combine all the benefits from each of our sages, or if you want to feel as if you've stepped into a chaparral habitat. All our Sage Hydrosols can also be used as deodorizers, and have naturally balancing and anti-aging qualities. Some people even use Sage Hydrosols to help with fleas and ticks on dogs or cats.

All of our Sage Hydrosols come in 2oz bottles. Black Sage, White Sage, and Artemisia california Essential Oils are available in 5ml bottles, while the Coast Sage Blend Essential Oil is available in 15ml bottles.

Mental Stimulant: Rosemary

Ginger Bahardar

The mesmerizing and uplifting aroma of rosemary is widely known and has a wide variety of uses as an essential oil. It is believed to boost mental energy, brain function, and nerve growth, and even support the healing of neurological tissue. Greek scholars used Rosemary Essential Oil to enhance their memory when taking exams, since much of memory is tied to scent. The college student in the family can also attest to this; it's not just for Greek scholars. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antiseptic characteristics. Rosemary Essential Oil can also be used as a massage oil and can help with toning and moisturizing the skin. Some say that Rosemary is good for hair growth as well.

Rosemary Essential Oil is available in 10ml bottles.

Delicate and Balancing: Rose Geranium Hydrosol

Ginger Bahardar

It's that time of week again! This week, the focus is on Rose Geranium. This hydrosol has a soft and delicate fragrance that is rosy and leafy at the same time. This hydrosol has many benefits for skin-care. It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and toning properties that helps restore balance to all types of skin. It is thought to be a cellular regenerative, and therefore exceptional for mature skin. Rose Geranium Hydrosol can be helpful in soothing skin conditions from acne to eczema to sunburns. Therapeutically, Rose Geranium can produce a balancing effect on the nervous system, and may help with depression and anxiety.